The 4 Capabilities You Need to Achieve Total Workforce Management

11.11.2015, Written by fieldnation

Field Nation Complete, the cloud-based SaaS solution for total workforce management.Field Nation Complete, the cloud-based SaaS solution for total workforce management, enables businesses, project managers and field service leaders to easily manage, deploy and measure disparate workforce teams. Utilizing the proven technology of the Field Nation platform, Complete provides the visibility, accountability and control needed to maintain and meet the unique workforce needs of any organization, including the engagement of part- and full-time employees, vendors and independent contractors. Field Nation Complete accomplishes this by consolidating four powerful capabilities:


  1. Management: Field Nation Complete enables the collaboration between a company’s internal and external, extended workforce through a single administrative platform that provides a consolidated view of business. This includes the ability to manage all employee profiles and work history using only one system, and ensure consistency in training, availability, and certification across labor panels.
  2. Deployment: Field Nation Complete supports the execution of large-scales projects that use an agile workforce by reducing the amount of administrative tasks. Automated workflows and customized manpower selection criteria results in quicker implementation, while assignment bundle capabilities boosts the efficiency and effectiveness for contractors.See
  3. Streamlined: Field Nation Complete facilitates the flow and quality of work by leveraging the standardized processes and deliverables that are built into the platform. By utilizing marketplace insights regarding pricing trends and the ability to view user ratings, organizations and project managers are able to make better informed decisions. Project completion timelines are also expedited with comprehensive map views and full-featured mobile apps.
  4. Measurement: Field Nation Complete gives businesses the ability to control project results and timelines using the Executive and Project Management Dashboards. This provides increased visibility and accountability through workforce utilization comparisons and helps improve business processes using actionable insights about project budgets, deliverables and workforces.


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Insights into the work history and effectiveness of managed vendors and providers is easily accessible with Complete’s Managed Provider Dashboard. Users can also view a snapshot of their total workforce distribution based on the number of marketplace providers, managed providers, and managed vendors employed on a per-project basis.

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