4 Reasons to Rate Your Freelance Technicians

8.3.2016, Written by Nora Hartman

Rating freelanceScreen Shot 2014-09-16 at 1.43.10 PM technicians on Field Nation is an important part of the business-contractor relationship. The more ratings there are on the platform, the more informed business decisions buyer clients are able to make regarding who they work with. Business users can rate freelance technicians on four things: overall satisfaction, on-time arrival, accurately following instructions, and meeting deliverables. Here are the top four reasons that buyers should rate the freelancers they work with:

  1. Better Quality Work

Freelance technicians are unique in that they have to earn the business of their clients every single day. For that reason, freelance technicians are often eager to learn how they can improve themselves and their services and become better technicians. Providing constructive criticism or helpful feedback can help technicians further understand what they can improve on, and when technicians improve their skillsets, they produce better quality work.

  1. Build Relationships

Great business-contractor relationships are based on excellent work quality and phenomenal communication. Establishing a relationship with a select group of freelancers can add layers of trust and security. Freelance technicians love getting feedback and are generally grateful and willing to work with businesses who provide helpful insight into what they want and expect from a project. On the Field Nation platform, businesses can add great freelance technicians to their Preferred Provider list.

When businesses upload a new work order, freelancers who are Preferred Providers who meet necessary qualifications appear at the top of the list of potential contractors. This feature can help businesses grow their pool of highly-qualified, talented field service technicians.

  1. Boost Business Ratings

Generally, when a business takes the time to rate their freelance technicians, they are happy to rate the business in return. The Field Nation platform allows technicians to rate the businesses who contract them, much like businesses can rate freelancers for the work they do. A company that has a five-star rating is likely to get more bids on work orders than a company that has no ratings at all. Consequently, businesses that rate freelancers often get more bids and better quality work as a result.

  1. Help a Freelancer

Having a steady, reliable source of income is extremely important for freelancers. If improving quality of their work, developing better professional relationships, and getting more bids on work orders hasn’t convinced a buyer to rate a technician, then businesses should rate freelancer work performance to help them out. Contractors who have several ratings from businesses are significantly more likely to get work from companies that haven’t worked with that provider before.

No matter what the reason, it’s always a best practice to take a minute or two to rate a freelance technician after reviewing their work.