5 Reasons You Should Use Freelancers

10.3.2016, Written by Nora Hartman

1. Freelancers chose to freelance.

86% of Field Nation freelance users reported that they began freelancing voluntarily, as opposed to being forced to freelance as a result of financial or economic circumstances. This isn’t a huge surprise when you consider that freelancers make more or the same amount of money, and are happier than they were in a traditional job.

2. They’re committed to your success.

96% of freelancers on the Field Nation platform stated that they are committed to the success of their clients. By comparison, Gallup reports that only 33.9% of American employees are engaged as of October 3, 2016.

Why are Field Nation freelancers so committed? They enjoy flexible hours and the freedom to choose their own work.  Flexible work hours have been shown to increase productivity and boost morale significantly.

3. They have experience.

More than 50% of freelancers on the Field Nation platform have more than sixteen years of experience. Moreover, 83% of Field Nation users have 5+ years of experience. Although freelancing has increased exponentially in the last decade, skilled freelance technicians have been in the industry for quite some time.

4. They’re team players.

73% of Field Nation freelancers stated they would be interested in teaming up with other freelancers for large projects. Although freelancing can have a reputation for being competitive, most freelancers are eager to work with other professionals.

5. They know what you want.

A major concern with organizations that are hesitant about adopting a Freelance Management System (FMS) is the misconception that freelancers are disconnected from company objectives. The data, however, proves the contrary. 89% of freelancers who use the Field Nation platform have a strong sense of how their work impacts their clients.


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