Convergence of IT and Pro-AV Expected in 2016

6.3.2016, Written by fieldnation

Audio visual concert

With new technological advances making it possible for dispersed professionals to connect with each other across states, countries, and continents, the need for inter-connectivity continues to grow. The demand for conferencing, signal management, and streaming has generated a surge in the audiovisual industry and reports predict that AV products and services will become a $114 billion global industry this year. But what impact does this have on the AV industry at large as move forward in 2016? According to Paul Wedesky, Senior Vice President of Audio Visual Services, “the term ‘AV’ has come to mean much more to the event planner. From technology to content management, AV is much more than equipment. It’s creative, inspired by design, all-encompassing of various types of technology, and necessary in order to meet needs.”

To achieve this, it is expected that we will continue to see the convergence of pro-AV with IT. With pro-AV systems running on legacy IT networks and infrastructure, it will become increasingly important for IT professionals to understand pro-AV systems and for pro-AV technicians to understand IT systems. As these systems continue to converge, IT technicians and pro-AV experts should expect to find themselves working side-by-side. The service professional or company that can offer dual expertise will carve out a stake against their competition and be able to deliver savings to their end-clients.

Pros from each side should seek to learn the key terminology of the industry to ease their transition: AV professionals can expect to see an increase in the frequency of terms like TCO, middleware, failover, and appliances, for example. Meanwhile, IT professionals who are interested in beginning their journey into the AV industry are invited to sign up on Field Nation and take advantage of work opportunities that are available by industry-leading businesses looking for top AV talent and expertise. Technicians who hold the CTS, CTS-D, and CTS-I certifications are in high demand and can expect immediate openings in their area of operation.