CSI Helps Providers Kick Start a Career in IT

3.31.2014, Written by fieldnation

Technology as a business tool has become an increasingly utilized practice in today’s corporate world. As new forms of technology continue to enhance and define the ways people communicate with one another, human dependence on digital and automatic devices has impacted billions of lives and influenced the industry specializing in this area. A recent CompTIA study forecasts that over the upcoming year, “IT services and software show the most growth potential” and that 41% of IT companies plan to increase their staffing investments for technical positions in the U.S. alone.

For current service providers, this news is encouraging and exciting – but for those looking to break into the profession, there are a few credentials every beginner should have. Career Systems Institute offers various certificate programs that equip providers with the skills necessary to succeed in IT. Their Networking Career Program provides the CompTIA A+ course, a certification that is held by 90,000 professionals and is considered as the starting point for a career in IT.
Providers interested in seeing what it takes to meet the requirements of the CompTIA A+ certification can test their knowledge with a free quiz here. Part two of the quiz can be found here.