Engagement Patterns Lead AV Trends for 2016

6.1.2016, Written by fieldnation

Tune MusicWith new technological advances making it possible for dispersed professionals to connect with each other across states, countries, and continents, the need for inter-connectivity continues to grow. The demand for conferencing, signal management, and streaming has generated a surge in the audiovisual industry and reports predict that AV products and services will become a $114 billion global industry this year. But what impact does this have on the AV industry at large as move forward in 2016? According to Paul Wedesky, Senior Vice President of Audio Visual Services, “the term ‘AV’ has come to mean much more to the event planner. From technology to content management, AV is much more than equipment. It’s creative, inspired by design, all-encompassing of various types of technology, and necessary in order to meet needs.”

Engagement patterns like interactivity everywhere are leading the way with regards to expected revelations in the AV industry. Cutting-edge devices like wayfinding kiosks and near field communication (NRF)-enabled beacons will power IoT-assisted retail marketing and intelligent customer experiences. This level of interactivity will not only require ubiquitous connectivity and uninterrupted up-time, it will also influence networking infrastructure such as cabling, fiber, WiFi, and distributed mesh systems, and deliver bandwidth, capacity, and ultimately, an enhanced customer experience.
Professional AV teams will be looked upon to ensure their designs don’t suffer from signal attenuation or network deterioration, as well as to provide encouragement to end-clients that the infrastructure of these engagement devices is up-to-date “cool tech.”

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