Field Nation and Corelytics Partnership Helps Today’s Independent Contractors Manage Their Business Financials

10.3.2013, Written by fieldnation
Creative Commons Attribution: By Flickr User Reenyman

As the economy continues to find its footing, it has never been more important for companies to maintain a close connection with the financial metrics of their business. Small enterprises such as those operated by independent contractors have faced failure rates in excess of 50% in recent years. With one of the leading causes for failure being financial planning and generating the business insights needed to profitably run a business, it is vital that independent contractors find a way to balance their project work with assuring the financial health of their personal business.

Corelytics is uniquely positioned to help independent contractors easily monitor and evaluate their profitably without taking time away from revenue creating projects. It’s the only dashboard with trends, predictions and benchmarks all pulled together into a visual depiction of your numbers based on your accounting data. Their nimble dashboard imports your financial information from several accounting software programs, including QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree, MYOB, and others. Once your financial information is imported, you can monitor whatever metrics — like revenue, expense, profits, receivables, gross margin, or owner compensation — you are most curious about and set goals for each one. The dashboard has color-coding to help focus your attention on your status. Leveraging both a standard software program format and a mobile application, Corelytics provides effective solutions for busy contractors.

Field Nation is committed to identifying partners that help advance the well-being of its independent contractor community. That is why we’re so excited here at Field Nation to let you know that Corelytics is now an official Field Nation Partner. Current Corelytics users can find a new Corelytics community group where they can network and share tips on managing business financials. Other Field Nation users can check out Corelytic’s budget-friendly offerings.

Please join us in welcoming Corelytics to the Field Nation family of partners and give them a follow!

Written by Terri Nierengarten for FieldNation