Field Nation Honors Our Vets with New Military Service Verification Program

11.11.2013, Written by fieldnation
Creative Commons: Attribution flickr User Official U.S. Navy Imagery

Today is Veterans Day in the United States of America. This is the day that we honor all the brave men and women that serve and have served their country. It was President Eisenhower, himself a veteran, that signed a bill in 1954 establishing November 11 as Veterans Day. He called upon all people to use the day as a time to rededicate themselves to peace.

Today, U.S. Veterans make up an increasing number of the independent service providers here on Field Nation. Today, ever larger numbers of businesses are looking to engage veterans for contract work. Businesses know that veterans have the depth of skill and the dedication to excellence that they learned during their service.

That is why we are so happy to announce today that the Field Nation platform has been fully integrated with the industry leader in veteran status and military affiliation verification; is a secure digital ID that allows individuals in the Field Nation marketplace to provide service buyers with proof of their military service. In honor of our veterans, Field Nation covering all costs associated with this verification. Veteran providers, this means you now have a way to proudly and securely display your proven veteran status. For organizations, finding and selecting skilled veterans in your area is easier than ever before.