Field Nation Launches Executive Dashboard Functionality to Give At-a-Glance Business Intelligence

3.19.2015, Written by fieldnation

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field nation Launches executive dashboard functionality to give at-a-glance business intelligence

Smart Tiles Help Users Monitor Key Data Points

MINNEAPOLIS – March 19, 2015 – Field Nation, a leading work platform connecting organizations with independent contractors to get work done, today announced the addition of an Executive Dashboard to the platform. The Executive Dashboard, available to registered Field Nation organizations, provides an at-a-glance visual display of current projects and key performance metrics allowing organizations to accelerate deliverables, save time and ensure a higher quality of service at less cost.

“Field Nation continues to innovate and stay in front of our ever-evolving industry,” said Mynul Khan, CEO of Field Nation. “Access to real-time performance analytics is critical for managers to evaluate the success of any project. “The new Executive Dashboard provides the detailed information businesses need visually, so they have actionable intelligence to make smart operating decisions.”

Field Nation’s Executive Dashboard gives immediate insight into analytics so users can make faster, more intuitive decisions. The Executive Dashboard consists of 14 “Smart tiles,” which highlight data points covering the most important areas of work. The Smart Tiles provide summary information including:


  • Client satisfaction and fulfillment rates
  • Performance metrics on internal staff and field service team members
  • Financial investment and capital reporting data
  • Workflow and client request data for every stage of the work lifecycle
  • In-flight and completed project information


“The Executive Dashboard allows key decision makers the necessary insight required to ensure that their workforce operates at peak efficiency – even if they are not hands-on users of the platform itself,” said Scott Bishop, Field Nation Associate Product Manager. “The dashboard’s clickable smart tiles include high-level critical information with the ability to drill-down into the details of each statistic in order to understand how and where process improvements can increase the quality of your service delivery.”

Complex business processes also can be consolidated and streamlined through the easy identification of pain points, or areas of success, for both field service teams and internal staff. Organizations will realize cost savings with a comprehensive overview of client requests and capital reporting.

Each organization’s Executive Dashboard report is also downloadable, making it easy to keep on file or share with a leadership team, executives, the end-client, or advisory board.

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