Field Nation University: Protec Certification for Freelance Technicians

5.12.2016, Written by fieldnation

Field Nation University offers elite freelance technicians exclusive training and educational opportunities.

Earlier this year, we launched Field Nation University, an exclusive video-based learning platform for businesses and freelance technicians. Field Nation University is designed to help freelancers advance their technical skills and field services education and provide insights for businesses on how to maximize the benefits of the Field Nation feature suite.

The second available professional development opportunity from Field Nation University for technicians is the Protec Certification. Freelancers can earn a WorkSafe WorkSmart badge through a specialized training offered by Protec Administrative Services. The demand for highly qualified technical expertise with certified safety and business practice experience is growing, and the Protec badge is an easy way for elite technicians to stand out in the Field Nation marketplace.

In addition to gaining access to more job opportunities, technicians who complete the Protec WorkSafe WorkSmart Program will also:


  • Gain a visible Protec Badge on their Field Nation profile
  • Boost your eligibility for job opportunities in client searches
  • Benefit from an enhanced profile and increased work opportunities
  • Stand out in the marketplace as an elite technician


Learn more about Field Nation University by visiting the web page, or start working your way towards a Protec WorkSafe WorkSmart badge by taking the course here.


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