Field Nation Updates Autotask Integration To Boost Speed To Solution

10.27.2016, Written by fieldnation

Many Field Nation customers start their projects and service calls in Autotask – one of the leading ticketing and IT business management platforms. Many then find themselves manually integrating the requests, tasks and deliverables between Autotask and Field Nation. Field Nation has now dramatically enhanced our integration with Autotask and made 100% of the new and legacy features available in our exciting Elevate UI.

Notably, the improved the field mapping functions between Autotask and Field Nation gives users of both systems the most detailed control over what data and fields are integrated. We now have the ability to merge Autotask fields with Field Nation work order templates that are specific to your unique projects. The integration is smart and will prompt project managers and dispatchers for which source to use for updates – Autotask or Field Nation. The easy-to-use integration is fast! The platform intelligently prompts users to select data from Autotask and the data configured by your Field Nation project templates. The experience is seamless which means you spend more time getting work done and less on switching screens. The capabilities are fully available in the new Field Nation Elevate user experience which means even more capability and control.

Field Nation – Autotask Integration

Now, with the new Field Nation – Autotask integration, project managers, dispatchers and help desk supervisors can speed up and simplify their process. The bi-directional synchronization means that the most up to date information is available right where it is most needed. When work order tasks and deliverables are completed, meaningful progress updates will be automatically pushed back to your Autotask ticket.

The Field Nation – Autotask integration is designed specifically to ensure that your organization has the deepest levels of:

  • Visibility – to requests, tasks and completion criteria – including custom Field Nation field data
  • Accountability – of when, where and how the work was done
  • Control – of how your customers achieve resolution to their challenges and success in their projects

To learn more about the new Field Nation – Autotask integration speak to your Field Nation account executive or log-in and dive into the Autotask integration instructions here.