Field Nation Updates General Liability Insurance To Cover All

2.17.2015, Written by fieldnation

Field Nation General Liability Insurance ProgramWe have updated our terms of service regarding general liability insurance. This is part of a very important change in Field Nation’s approach to risk management and the coverage we provide all users – both buyers and providers – on the Field Nation platform.

First, we want to recommend that you discuss all your insurance needs with your insurance agent or risk management advisor.  We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to understand your potential business and personal risks and the options you have to manage those risks. A single accident could result in a claim or lawsuit that could be devastating to your business and to you personally. An important way to protect against this type of situation is to make sure you carry general liability insurance. General liability insurance is coverage that can protect you from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from your business operations.

By registering with and using the Field Nation platform, all providers have already agreed and confirmed that they possess the general liability insurance, workers compensation and any other insurance coverage that may be required by law in their service areas. Use of the platform continues to, as it always has, constitute acceptance of these terms (see our Standard Work Order Terms and Conditions). All providers have always had the opportunity to upload their proof and certificates of insurance to their profiles.

So what is the new announcement and what’s the deal with the new 1.3% fee?

Starting on March 1, 2015, providers who do not have a current general liability certificate of insurance (COI) on their Field Nation profile will be automatically covered by the Field Nation general liability program on a work order by work order basis.  Providers covered through the Field Nation general liability program will have an additional 1.3% per approved work order deducted from the total value of the work order.

This means that, upon successful completion and approval of a work order, a provider will pay a total of 11.3% (or 9.3% for work orders above $1,000) of the work order fee to Field Nation unless they have a current general liability COI uploaded on their profile.

Every provider has a space on his or her profile to upload and maintain insurance information, including uploading an image of each Certificate of Insurance.  If you have a current general liability COI in your Field Nation profile, there is NO CHANGE, no additional charge and no additional action required.

What is the “Field Nation general liability program”?

To protect all users on the Field Nation platform, we have upgraded the Field Nation general liability insurance policy to include a rider that covers general liability claims for (1) work orders obtained through the Field Nation platform and (2) situations where the provider’s general liability plan does not provide coverage.

The Field Nation policy protects all of us – buyers, providers and Field Nation – in the event there is a general liability claim.  Think of this policy as a safety net.  A provider’s coverage is always the primary on a work order, but if the provider’s coverage does not kick in for some reason, Field Nation’s general liability coverage will step in.  This protects the provider from claims and lawsuits and it reimburses buyers for losses up to $1,000,000.

In other words, we have your back.  Ask the other platforms if they protect you if something goes wrong…

We felt this coverage was necessary to ensure that Field Nation continues to deliver innovative solutions that empower the freelance marketplace. The Field Nation general liability insurance program is the first of its kind – ensuring that 100% of work performed on the platform has this safety net coverage.

Remember, the best scenario remains that each provider has his or her own general liability coverage and upload their current COI to their profile.

All work orders on the Field Nation marketplace are GL covered. Providers with a valid General Liability COI in their profile will experience no change. Providers without a valid General Liability COI in their profile will be charged an additional 1.3% per work order fee to pay for the GL coverage.