Introducing Field Nation Complete: The SaaS Solution for Total Workforce Management

10.26.2015, Written by fieldnation

Complete ImageMore than 53 million Americans are currently engaged in freelance work, according to industry analysts. Field Nation has been at the cusp of this transformation since the beginning of the shift in 2007, and has connected independent contractors and clients to get work done ever since. With the goal of helping today’s workforce take advantage of the expertise, flexibility and speed offered by the contingent sector, we have developed the Field Nation platform and added features and functionality to support the new world of work.

Over the years, as we have assisted our clients by helping them manage the peaks and valleys of their businesses, we came to the realization that we were falling short in our attempt to break all the barriers to getting great work done.  We discovered that the projects being run through Field Nation catered only to the contingent labor portion and did not include work being conducted by vendors or our user’s own employees. This exclusion hindered their ability to gain a comprehensive view and complete management of their business. We learned from our users that they had been toggling between home-grown and fragmented systems to deploy work, which often resulted in high administrative demands, manual errors and an increased risk of inconsistencies in their client’s experiences.

To alleviate these logistical issues, we designed a new offering called Field Nation Complete. As the name suggests, with this product, businesses can now manage, deploy, streamline and measure disparate teams and projects through a single administrative platform.

Field Nation Complete utilizes the proven technology of the Field Nation platform and offers visibility, accountability and control while managing an organization’s unique workforce needs. Having all members of a project on a single platform can not only help ensure consistency in profile management and performance management across teams, but also deliverable management. Having everyone follow similar processes and quality standards improves the efficiency of the project and helps keep the budget in check. Businesses can also review utilization reports across teams and make better informed decisions on how to optimally utilize their workforce.

We believe Field Nation Complete empowers you to easily control your costs and maintain a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive market. To learn more about Field Nation Complete, please visit our website or contact your relationship manager or sales representative to see a demo of Complete.