Introducing WorkSmart Connect

2.24.2015, Written by fieldnation

macbookCodeless Integration at the Speed of Business

Disruption through innovation is a leading value of Field Nation – it is one of our core principles that continues to drive our desire to achieve through relentless experimentation and contagious imagination. This is why we are proud to announce the new WorkSmart Connect, a codeless integration and quick-start program that is used to instantly structure, rapidly review and deploy work orders directly from an organization’s existing ticket, help desk or business process system.

Optimizing the power of WorkSmart Connect, Field Nation is now the only Freelancer Management Systems solution provider that is codeless, universal and complete. The disruptive feature captures critical information from a client request via ticket, email, attachment, screenshot, or metadata, and automatically generates it into a work order in seconds. Users then have the ability to quickly find and select a qualified service provider to complete that order by publishing it to Field Nation’s highly curated marketplace or routing it directly to a preferred provider.

Built upon cutting-edge text analytics and business process integration technology, WorkSmart Connect provides unique ticket tracking capabilities that offer real-time visibility for simple project management and insight. The feature is completely web-based and requires little-to-no up-front configuration or expensive add-ons, significantly decreasing unnecessary overhead, resources and time. Organizations are also able to augment the WorkSmart Connect plug-in for Chrome, which eliminates the need for any fragile, code-based integrations.

“It’s vital to speed the process from project creation to completion and Field Nation continues to break down the barriers to work,” says Mynul Khan, Field Nation CEO. “The WorkSmart Connect system is fast and easy to use. Work orders are automatically converted in our platform, eliminating the potential for duplicate tickets and reducing the time it takes to find a service provider.”

Organizations can meet same-day Service Level Agreements using WorkSmart Connect on hundreds of jobs, as client requests can be created, agreed to and completed by skilled professionals within hours. Not only does this enable companies to achieve accelerated levels of output, it also means that current staff members will benefit from the automation of what was once a manual process.

“The benefit to our clients is an efficient, expedient method by which email requests for service can be generated into work orders without our team even having to touch it,” says Terry Cisco, Support Center Manager at Worldlink Integration Group. “We will be able to increase efficiency, which means we can do more work with the same amount of people.”

WorkSmart Connect is a ground-breaking innovation that is helping Field Nation disrupt the way people get work done. Start using WorkSmart Connect today by engaging with your Field Nation account representative or visit our landing page for more information.