New BullsEye VOIP and UC Program Lets Techs Design, Deliver and Service Cutting Edge Telco Solutions

4.21.2014, Written by fieldnation

VoIP – Voice Over IP solutions for business are growing in a grand way. Researchers and industry analysts predict that the number of VoIP and UC users will double between 2012 and 2016 and that the VoIP/UC spend will top $370 Billion. Field Nation and BullsEye Telecom are partnering to help you capitalize on this trend and bring this unprecedented opportunity to every part of North America.

In fact, no other organization has built a program that incorporates both sales and installation in the manner that BullsEye and Field Nation have. The combination of BullsEye’s extensive footprint along with Field Nation’s expert technician portfolio is an unstoppable mix.

BullsEye Telecom is the only multi-location telecom provider offering every service, for every location, nationwide. The company’s solutions are successfully installed in more than 50,000 locations nationwide. In partnering with Field Nation, BullsEye Telecom has created a program where skilled telecom, VoIP, PBX and UC technicians will become part of an exclusive “preferred provider network” (PPN) on Field Nation (start here).  This means that technicians will have the first view into BullsEye installation, service, and even sales opportunities.

“Field Nations technicians are uniquely suited to understand the needs of and solutions for the businesses they serve” said Executive Vice President of Sales for BullsEye Telecom, Tim Basa. “They establish the relationship with the customer that is vital to not just delivering a single success but in continually delivering excellent service and solutions.”

Mynul Khan, CEO of Field Nation agreed saying, “The goal is to eliminate the square peg – round hole problem. The expanded partnership between Field Nation and BullsEye puts the Digital Voice solution design right in the office of the customer which is exactly where it should be. The service technician, together with the customer, better understands their needs, capabilities and cost parameters than an outside vendor who comes by for a visit once in a while. By creating opportunities to design the solutions in addition to installing and servicing the hardware, we’re placing control closer to the actual users. That means that success, adoption and ROI are more easily and quickly achieved.”

The Field Nation and BullsEye partnership means that all providers with VoIP, telecom, UC, PBX and related skills can start the certification process now. The certification is free and designed to find the best, most qualified techs. To become part of the BullsEye Certified PPN, interested providers need to click here and complete the basic training to become familiar with the BullsEye offerings, technology and program. Providers who complete the process will become part of the BullsEye Certified PPN and have first view of BullsEye related work orders. They will also be able to design and sell BullsEye solution packages and be compensated for every sale they complete.

Both BullsEye and Field Nation are committed to bringing the best solutions with the best service to market. The new BullsEye Certified Technician partner program on Field Nation equips and empowers providers to deliver top of the line solutions.