Field Nation Mobile Updates Accelerate Work While On-the-Go

11.13.2015, Written by fieldnation

Over the course of the past several weeks, we have launched several innovative updates to our iOS and Android mobile apps that are helping users get work done anytime and anywhere. Here’s a quick recap for those of you who might have missed the update.


Field Nation for iOS & Android

  • Service Company Support: Service Company administrators are now empowered to request work and accept or assign it to their users via the Field Nation mobile app. Administrators can now quickly allocate work opportunities and utilize instant communication capabilities to facilitate quicker operations.



Field Nation for Android

Additional features that were added to the Field Nation for Android mobile app include:

  • Offline Mode: Service providers often lose their Internet connection while working on-site in low network areas. The new Android offline mode allows you to save your data in the app while offline and resubmit the information once you have re-connected to the network. This will help providers capture important information, like product serial numbers, closing notes and files, even without a network connection.
  • Buyer Ratings: Service providers can now view star ratings for prospective clients while reviewing available jobs in the Android app. Access to this information can help providers make quick decisions on available work and pursue business opportunities with preferred buyers.


Field Nation for iOS

Additional features that were added to the Field Nation for iOS mobile app include:Map View iOS

  • “Ready-to-Go” Push Notifications: The Field Nation iOS mobile app now includes a “Ready-to-Go” push notification so user don’t have to skip a beat while on-the-go. A helpful reminder will alert a user to mark a work order as “ready-to-go” right from their phone so they can easily confirm their presence on-site and easily update clients in real-time.
  • Map View: An optimized map view for site location includes descriptive errors and a routing button to help users easily locate and quickly pick-up new work opportunities.