Field Nation Announces Acquisition of FieldSolutions

5.18.2015, Written by fieldnation

Field Nation“As a company, we think big and we think long-term.”

Those words, spoken by Mynul Khan, CEO of Field Nation, provide the foundation for today’s groundbreaking announcement – Field Nation has officially acquired competitor and contingent workforce solution provider, FieldSolutions.

The announcement marks the first-ever pure-play, intra-industry acquisition in the Freelance Management Systems (FMS) marketplace in North America. As a complement to Field Nation’s goal of establishing the most dominant SaaS ecosystem for the contingent workforce, the consolidation of forces will deliver a powerful, single-sourced solution to the industry.

The move situates Field Nation as the strongest, most complete and fully-featured FMS available in today’s marketplace. FieldSolutions’ large base of enterprise class customers will benefit from the advanced Field Nation platform technology. The acquisition immediately broadens the services and freelancer strengths offered by Field Nation, and provides platform and community users with a centralized solution to manage freelance, W-2 hybrid, and vendor work forces.

The acquisition of FieldSolutions accelerates the Field Nation platform strategy by letting us not just bring work orders to a marketplace of skilled labor, but also lets us bring projects and programs to a marketplace of top notch MSPs who are adept at tapping into the non-employee workforce (or blending it with the traditional FTE workforce for a hybrid model).

“We have been focused on creating the most complete freelance management system available,” said Khan. “Large organizations will now be able to manage all their direct contractors, vendors, MSPs and even W2s in one place while delivering and achieving a unified workforce management experience. The enterprise demand for on-demand workforce expertise is massive and growing. We are excited to expanded our enterprise presence with this acquisition and be able to introduce our software and platform to each and every customer.”

The new, bigger and more capable Field Nation represents the new standard in the evolution of contingent workforce management platforms. While others platforms dive deeper into competing with their users or pulling back features to focus on limited capability, Field Nation is blazing the trail for a complete solution that delivers full visibility, accountability and control to the enterprise across all layers of the outsourced and freelance relationships.

“As two of the major players in our industry, I am excited to join forces with Field Nation and consolidate the power of our teams,” says Mac Lewis, CEO of FieldSolutions. “Together, our combined technology and talent makes us the strongest and most complete FMS on the planet.”

Lewis will continue to contribute to the new organization in an advisory capacity and will lend his expertise to further enhance customer service, freelancer service delivery, and contingent workforce quality. The combination of talents will also accelerate Field Nation’s strategic roadmap and play to the company’s greatest strength – growth.

In just seven years, Field Nation has quickly become one of the largest providers of online work with more than 50,000 registered freelancers. The industry-leading customer service that has become synonymous with the Field Nation brand will continue to ensure clients are provided with the highest level of care and coordination by utilizing the best software platform for locating expertise, managing work and optimizing the entire contractor management experience.