Field Nation Announces New Mobile App to Completely Power Today’s Mobile Workforce

8.24.2015, Written by fieldnation

iOS AppEverywhere you go, there is yet another discussion taking place on the changing dynamic in today’s workforce. It is estimated that over 40% of the U.S. workforce will be made up of freelancers and independent contractors by the year 2020, and recent projections indicate that the number of Americans working in the on-demand economy will double in the same period. While organizations have acknowledged this change, many continue to struggle with tapping into the growing freelance marketplace and utilizing the resources offered by this skilled segment. As the leading contingent work hub for business, Field Nation is pleased to announce the new mobile app for iOS, which enables service companies and independent contractors to conduct and complete their work on-site and on-the-go.

Download the new Field Nation for iOS app now.

The app allows businesses and independent service providers to connect with new and existing clients, remain engaged with ongoing projects, and find new work opportunities right from their phone, while augmenting the full power of the website in a native mobile application. In addition to the iOS app, Field Nation has received a four-star rating for its Android app, which was released earlier this year and is currently utilized by over 4,000 users.

“At Field Nation, we have made a conscious effort to completely power the mobile workforce and our users,” says Mynul Khan, CEO. “With 70 percent of Field Nation users on Android devices and 30 percent on iOS, we have no equipped everyone with the power of a mobile app so they can be more effective while out in the field.”

Organizations, project managers and independent buyers will gain immediate access to real-time visibility, quicker responsiveness to job completion and publishing, improved fulfillment rates, and increased accuracy, as contractors can now access tasks and requirements while on-site.

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Independent service providers will be able to access job opportunities and receive real-time notifications on their mobile phones. They will also experience ease of use uploading documents and images with custom Dropbox and iCloud integrations, as well as the ability to execute post-task completion with a convenient digital signature feature for immediate deliverable completion on-site.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for several years and it is exciting to have it finally come to fruition,” says Ron, a New York-based Field Nation service provider. “I was able to upload a PDF to the Field Nation app on my iPad and I was able to easily manage my work.”

The Field Nation app for iOS empowers platform users and members of today’s mobile workforce to manage and complete their work in an increasingly mobile and evolving economy – and allows you to get your work done anytime and anywhere it takes you.

Download the Field Nation app for iOS here.

Download the Field Nation app for Android here.