Field Nation Study Reveals Independent Workers as the New Engaged Workforce in America

9.4.2014, Written by fieldnation

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Independent contractors are three times more engaged in their work than W2 employees


MINNEAPOLIS – Sept. 4, 2014 – Field Nation, a leading work platform connecting organizations with independent contractors to get work done, today announced the results from its inaugural survey of independent workers in the United States (small business owners, freelancers and independent contractors). The new research was conducted to track engagement levels of independent workers who are classified as 1099 contractors.

Results from 846 respondents who completed the July 2014 questionnaire reveal that 90% of independent contractors view themselves as deeply committed to the work they do for their clients. Compared with full- and part-time W2 employees, independent workers are three times more engaged in their work (30%1 vs. 90%).

This comparison between W2 and 1099 employees is crucial as the labor market continues to shift toward the use of more 1099 or contract workers.

“The annual cost of a disengaged workforce has reached $550 billion in the United States, and employers are starting to pay attention,” said Field Nation CEO Mynul Khan. “Given more than two-thirds of W2 employees say they are disengaged in the workplace, it’s clear that organizations can dramatically improve the quality of work completed by hiring highly skilled, engaged independent contractors.”


Independent Workforce Survey Highlights

In addition, the 2014 Field Nation study of independent workers found that:

  • 88% of respondents view themselves as highly engaged small business owners who chose to do the work they are involved in.
  • 97% of respondents are either satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs as independent contractors.

“There are more than 40 million independent contractors in the United States, but many organizations struggle to identify the skilled individuals who can help advance their business,” said Khan. “Field Nation’s web-based platform breaks down these barriers and helps organizations get work done. We’ve designed so organizations and contractors can connect, build relationships and complete projects on time and on budget.”


About The Study

In July 2014, Field Nation invited more than 8,000 independent providers to complete a 10 question survey asking for input on questions related to their level of engagement in the work they do; why they chose to be independent contractors; and their level of commitment to the success of their clients’ businesses. Nearly 850 respondents completed the survey, providing a baseline for independent workforce engagement that can be measured again in future years.


About Field Nation

Field Nation ( is the leading online work platform for connecting businesses and workers. Global enterprises to small local companies use Field Nation’s self-service web portal to find, manage and pay contractors for any specific job. The platform enables workers to spend more time working and enables businesses to manage the right talent anywhere in the world, on demand. Field Nation has more than 40,000 service providers in its network and serves businesses globally.

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