The New Executive Dashboard – Impacting Your Organization’s Bottom Line

3.19.2015, Written by fieldnation

Introducing the Executive DashboardAccess to real-time performance analytics is critical in order to evaluate and impact the organization’s bottom line. That is why we are excited to announce the all-new Field Nation Executive Dashboard. This centralized visual display of your organization’s current state and historical key performance of work completed on Field Nation delivers actionable intelligence.

The Executive Dashboard provides immediate insight and actionable analytics that allow you to make faster and more intuitive decisions that will impact your organization’s health and success. Business leaders can utilize their Executive Dashboard on Field Nation to easily review their key performance indicators via smart tiles that highlight vital data covering the most important areas of their work.

Our unique benchmarking data helps gauge performance against the marketplace and boost your fulfillment rates. This provides insight into your client’s overall satisfaction compared to other organizations on the Field Nation platform. Complex business processes can be consolidated and streamlined with easy identification of pain points or areas of success for both field service teams and internal staff. Organizations can also achieve frictionless workflow and realize cost savings with a comprehensive overview of client requests and capital reporting.

The Field Nation Executive Dashboard provides high-level drill-downs and enhanced insight into the specifics of your company’s health and success. This means that valuable information on top-performing workers and usage of Preferred Provider Networks is only a click away. Leaders can also easily download a branded copy of their organization’s Executive Dashboard to keep on file or to present to an executive team, end-client or advisory board.

Field Nation is breaking down the barriers of work and giving executive managers the insight they need to make critical decisions and meet their bottom line. The Executive Dashboard is available to administrators listed on the Field Nation platform so you can immediately accelerate your deliverables, save time, and ensure a higher quality of service at less cost.

For a more thorough look at what you can expect to find on your Executive Dashboard, visit our landing page for details.