Outsourcing IT: 4 Reasons to Hire Locally

5.22.2014, Written by fieldnation

localOutsourcing IT work is a smart way for companies to save and still benefit from expert help. The trend in outsourcing IT tasks has been growing rapidly in recent years and 43 percent of U.S. companies report outsourcing their IT services overseas. There are certainly some advantages to this, but is sending the work out of the country really the best option?


There are many IT outsourcing options overseas, and often companies take advantage of these thinking that the expertise is on-par with U.S. companies, but at a lower price. In truth, there are a host of problems with outsourcing IT tasks overseas and there are many reasons to hire locally in the country instead.


Take a look a few reasons why.

  1. Language barriers. There is some technical speak that is universal, but even a slight misunderstanding because of a language gap can result in costly problems. Even IT professionals who claim to speak English may not understand the nuances of the language (or you of theirs) and can miss your meaning, even in emails or instant messages. It is better to go with a professional who will understand exactly what you mean when you say it and help the process move forward with greater efficiency.
  2. Time zone differences. If you are on a completely different clock than your IT contractors, it makes strong communication very difficult. How can you plan phone calls or virtual meetings when your contractor is asleep during your working hours? A few hours’ difference can be accommodated, but those that stretch across hemispheres can prove very troublesome. If you feel forced to change the normal course of your business day to accommodate a contractor, it is probably not the best match for your company.
  3. No recourse. When you work with companies outside the U.S., they are not governed by the same rules as American ones. For example, if a company backs out of a contract before delivering the work, it is tough to take them to court or recover those funds. You can’t even file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If you want to protect the assets of your business, stay within the laws of your home country and do things by the book.
  4. No support for U.S. industry. While not as tangible as the other points on this list, hiring other Americans shows your support for growth in the IT industry within your own country. The simple act of outsourcing locally grows the IT resources in the country and builds a better system that relies less on outside resources. The money you put into local IT outsourcing will feasibly be spent in the country and fuel the economy.


When we hear the word “outsource,” we often immediately assume that work must be outsourced overseas. The truth is that there are countless contractors in the United States, and depending on where your business is based, there are also probably many right within your community’s borders.
Outsourcing locally is simple with resources like Field Nation, and you can often outsource to contractors that you’re able to meet with face to face. This way you enjoy the benefits from both worlds. Whatever your reasons are for outsourcing IT tasks, look for contractors within the U.S. first. The quality and convenience will ensure that the work is handled professionally and efficiently.