Watch the Replay of the New Face of the American Workforce Webinar

11.21.2014, Written by fieldnation

Field Nation hosted a webinar on November 11, which discussed the changing dynamic of today’s workforce. As the world of work changes and an influx of independent workers enter the marketplace, industry analysts predict there will be over 60 million freelancers by 2020. With data also showing that these workers have higher levels of satisfaction, engagement and commitment to the success of the businesses with which they work than their traditional counterparts, one question is left unanswered: what led to the formation of this newly independent, engaged workforce?

Experience the five shifts, two disruptions, and five discoveries of the New American Workforce, as outlined by Field Nation CMO, Billy Cripe. As a leader in the contingent marketplace, Field Nation has studied the new face of the American workforce and reveals how organizations and entrepreneurs can capitalize on this shift to grow their business and deliver the highest quality results.

View the replay now.