Why Who You Work With is Just as Important as What You Do

9.30.2015, Written by Adam Patton

IMG_1047Knowing your customer is essential for business growth. Successful entrepreneurs know the needs, timelines and buying behaviors of their clients. While some clients are more pressed for time, others place a higher emphasis on implementation policies and procedures. Having knowledge about who you are planning to work with helps set expectations in a business relationship.

Independent service providers often review information about a project or job posting by looking at the location, pay rate and company reputation. However, this type of critical information is what can help build a fruitful relationship or establish what can be realistically achieved by offering an advanced look at the required deliverables and approval timeline set by a client. The average number of days taken by a buyer to compensate for work that has been completed can go a long way in helping providers plan their work, schedule and finances. The process also includes recognizing that job completion may be tracked by a buyer when they receive a shipment of parts or components associated with a project.

Buyer Time to ApprovalField Nation’s marketplace insights offer details on buyer time to approval with the click of a button. The “i” icon next to “time to approval” gives the number of days in which a buyer approves work orders after being submitted as complete by a provider. This information is calculated based on 90% of the work  approved by a particular buyer. The remaining 10% of work accounts for anomalies that do not reflect the day-to-day processes of a business.

Another way to procure information about prospective clients are the buyer star ratings. Buyer reviews and star ratings are a quick way to gain a better understanding about a client based on feedback given by your peers. After a project is completed, the Field Nation platform seeks a review from a service provider regarding the buyer they worked with in the form of a five-star rating. This rating is meant to reflect the professionalism and expectation clarity as was presented by the buyer.

Having this intelligence beforehand is a great strategy for planning your business. These new features from Field Nation enable you to know exactly what you need to do and provides insight into who you are working with so you can get more work done.

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