How-To: Edit Multiple Work Orders In A Single Step

4.27.2016, Written by Ross French

When is comes to important features and benefits in any software, the ability to manage operations at a mass level comes in handy to manage project SLA’s and large project roll outs. Field Nation Elevate offers the capability to mass create and edit your work orders to help you keep track of changing requirements and information.

Here is how you can mass edit your work orders in Elevate.

Step 1: Select the work orders you wish to edit by checking the box to the left of the work orders

mass edit 10.8-ver1

Step 2: Select the element in the work order you wish to mass edit

Users can make changes in the work order scope of work, site location, contact persons, contact numbers, custom fields and add tasks in a single operation. Below are a few examples:

To make changes in the scope of work for all work orders within a project, check ‘Service Description’ to see current scope of work and make changes. To append existing scope, users can check ‘add to service description’.

mass edit screen_Scope of work

In a similar manner, changes can be made to site location, site contacts and schedule to impact selected work orders.

mass edit screen_time_contact

One of the most important aspects of mass edit is the ability to add new documents and tasks for providers.

On uploading a new document, the system checks for existing versions and requires confirmation from the user for the most appropriate version.

Tasks can be added at any stage i.e. pre visit, on-site or post-visit; before and after current tasks and could include actions from uploading a file, picture to sending an email or filling out shipment information.

mass edit screen_documents_tasks_1

We hope you find these product tips useful. If you have any questions, please connect with your Field Nation representative or send us an email at