Managing a Blended Workforce: F2OnSite

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About F2OnSite

F2onsite is an IT services company that provides project services and staffing services for their customers. Jonathan Poole, the CEO and Chairman of F2OnSite, sat down with Field Nation to talk about how Field Nation ONE is helping manage its onsite field service workforce.

Realizing the Blended Workforce

F2OnSite has a very large network of W2 employees across the country. But, when the unexpected happens they find non-employee technicians – independent contractors – to help complete work.

When the unexpected happens – and it does – the ability to get into Field Nation and find somebody quickly and efficiently has been a very big bonus to our company.

For example, F2OnSite has had to scale up sufficiently for overnight or out-of-hours work. Poole reflects, “Field Nation has really been a game changer for us in that area.” They recently became aware of Field Nation ONE – a single place for them to manage their employee and non-employee workforce. “It’s going to enable us to do a much more efficient job, and enable us to quickly react to client demand,” says Poole.

It’s that speed of reaction that really is the difference between gaining and growing the business, or stagnating.

When their employee workforce is at capacity, having access to a network of skilled technicians enables F2OnSite to deliver better on our customers’ expectations.

Finding a Partner in Field Nation

“I really like interacting with the people at Field Nation because they take my problems on,” says Poole. “They don’t try and capitalize on my problem – they share the problem I have and work with me to find a solution, and that really makes a difference when it comes to working with other customers and vendors and suppliers.”

And I have to say with the combination of our own resources and the use of Field Nation we’ve been able to deliver and convert three disastrous situations into three new customers for F2OnSite.

Poole concludes, “And that’s working with Field Nation. We’ve been able to deliver at the drop of a hat.”