Worldlink Integration Group

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Boosted Revenue, Service Acceleration & Operational Scalability.


Worldlink is a national provider of technology deployment services that used Field Nation Complete to integrate internal teams and vendors in a single administrative platform. This increased revenue by 34% and reduced turnaround time by 85%.

“We saw a 34% increase in revenue this year compared to 2014 by extending Field Nation to all our vendors.”


WorldLink Integration Group works with teams of vendors for new construction, remodels, upgrades, projects and ongoing service and maintenance. New store technology builds are managed and executed by a team of contractors, material vendors, equipment vendors, installation technicians, all spearheaded by Worldlink’s own project management team. Worldlink had been utilizing QuickBooks to collect and access vendor contact and work information, which required spending copious amounts of time on the manual intervention of multiple, disjointed systems. This did not support Worldlink’s vision of rapidly expanding and scaling operations across geographies. Their work cycle was managed through purchase orders in QuickBooks Accounting; project schedules and coordination were maintained in Excel spreadsheets and Google Docs; site deliverables were received via email and stored in file folders on personal computers; and on multiple occasions a full-time employee had to be assigned the task of segregating deliverables based on clients and projects. With every in-house dispatcher managing hundreds of locations per month using disjointed systems, operations became inefficient and time-consuming.


Worldlink has been an early adopter of Field Nation, having used the platform to engage contract field technicians. Initially, the company utilized the project and workforce management software to augment direct field partners with skilled contingent labor to fulfill nationwide projects. The introduction of Field Nation Complete allowed Worldlink to add their vendors and manage their blended workforce in a single administrative platform. Field Nation Complete also enabled Worldlink to extend platform access to their non-labor vendors for materials, equipment, hardware, and shipping to ensure consistency and coherence amongst their disparate teams. Field Nation Complete serves as a single point of access for all members in the deployment team, which ensures that all information — documents, communication, deliverables, etc.

Business Impact:

Field Nation Complete provided Worldlink with increased visibility, increased productivity, and the control needed to manage daily jobs and scale operations.