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Affordable Business Insurance for Technology Service Specialists

Field Nation has selected Dyste Williams, an insurance agency, to serve the insurance needs of Field Nation Providers. Dyste Williams has identified affordable insurance coverage specifically designed to protect specialists in the technology service sector. This coverage is offered through Hanover, an insurance carrier with a commitment to protecting technology businesses.

Please call 1-800-300-6814 for general questions or direct at 952-843-4450 for Insurance Advice and Coverage.

A Hanover/Dyste Williams adviser will review with you the Field Nation insurance requirements and recommend a comprehensive, affordable business insurance package that meets your needs and fulfills the insurance demands of most Field Nation service buyers. At minimum you must have Commercial General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance to comply with the Field Nation Provider Agreement.

Here is what the Dyste Williams adviser will discuss with you:

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP) for Field Nation Providers
    There are significant advantages to the Hanover Technology Advantage BOP that Dyste Williams has selected for Field Nation Providers. For the same price as Commercial General Liability alone (the minimum requirement), you also get Property Coverage for items like tools, equipment and office space. We can further customize the package with optional coverage to fit your unique skill set.
  • Workers Compensation for Field Nation Providers
    Field Nation requires Workers Compensation coverage to protect Providers should they get injured on a job. The Hanover program recommended by Dyste Williams offers comprehensive claims management, including a 24/7 hotline, nurse case management and a return-to-work program. At Field Nation, we want to help you recover quickly and get your career back on track.
  • Technology Errors & Omissions Coverage for Field Nation Providers
    This coverage is optional for Field Nation Providers, but very important nonetheless. It addresses myriad risks associated with complex technology services and protects you from lawsuits regarding the quality of your work, data damage, information security and much more. We can also tailor this coverage to fit your specific needs and budget.

Getting Real About Business Insurance

The need for business insurance can seem abstract until you experience an event that leads to a lawsuit, steep legal expenses and a loss of income. Read a brief overview of coverage scenarios in the technology sector that highlights risk exposures you might not have considered (PDF), then call us for insurance advice and coverage. Please call 1-800-300-6814 for general questions or direct at 952-843-4450

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