3 Ways to Save with Field Management Systems

Over the past 15 years, independent contractors have replaces hundreds of thousands of traditional employees saving companies millions. Here's how.

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The New Face of the American Workforce: The Disruption

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is changing the tides of America’s workforce and many employees are electing to freelance in the absence of these benefits.

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Going for the Technological Gold: Technology That Supports the Rio 2016 Olympics

This August, thousands of athletes will travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to participate in the Rio 2016 Olympics. Aside from awe-inspiring displays of athletic prowess, the Olympics  will also feature an incredible array of unique advanced technologies.

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The Decline of Healthcare Benefits & the Rise of the Blended Workforce

A new national study by Field Nation and Future Workplace of 600 HR decision-makers and 959 freelancers looks at the impacts of the American Affordable Care Act and the rise of the blended workforce.

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2016 Top Skills, Certifications & Trainings for Field Service Technicians

As freelancing goes mainstream, the retail, telecommunications and hospitality industries are looking for talent and expertise that stands out. Here are the most in-demand skills, certifications and training partners of 2016.

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Levi’s Stadium: Hitting Sustainability and Technology Hard Out the Block - Infographic

In August 2014, the new Levi’s® Stadium opened, where the San Francisco 49ers call home. As going green becomes more important, Levi’s Stadium stands out from the crowd and will go down in history as a place where sports, technology, and sustainability join forces. Let’s explore the features that make Levi’s Stadium the hardest-hitting arena in the world.

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An App for Today’s Mobile Workforce: The Field Nation iOS App - Infographic

Field Nation’s mobile app for iOS devices gives businesses and freelancers the ability to conduct and complete their work on-site and on-the-go. Members of the contingent workforce can connect with new and existing clients, stay engaged with ongoing projects, and find new work opportunities right from their phone. See how this new app is powering today’s mobile workforce to get great work done anytime and anywhere.

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Dollars & Sense: How FMS is Solving the Cost Problem of America’s Retail Industry - Infographic

While U.S. retailers race to adopt EMV-compliant technology by October 1st to avoid fraud liability, merchants face a more severe and potentially crippling danger every single day. In an industry based on dollars and cents, organizational leaders are looking for a single solution that not only meets the demand of EMV, but also protects retailers against the biggest threat of all: downtime.

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Guard Your Card: A Shift in Technology & Liability with EMV – Infographic

On October 1, 2015, U.S. card issuers must move from traditional magstripe technology to the global standard of chipped cards and verification point-of-sale systems. The adoption of EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) technology is driving the shift in liability and related hardware upgrades.

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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? - Infographic

As the world becomes more mobile-centric, this continuing trends shows that mobile devices aren’t secondary – they are central to how people shop and navigate the web. See how mobile is part of the future and that creating the right infrastructure is part of supporting that future.  

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An App for Today’s Mobile Workforce: The Field Nation Android App - Infographic

Field Nation's mobile app for Android devices gives independent contractors the power to connect and find new opportunities - right in the palms of their hands. See how freelancers are utilizing this new app to find, manage, and complete great work anytime, anywhere.

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Get Your Daily Dose of Fiber: Understanding Fiber Optics - Infographic

Fiber optics have been around for decades but have generally maintained a low profile. Now, thanks to the expansion of nationwide networks from global communications companies, the technology is enjoying a moment in the spotlight. But while industry insiders already know the term well, most people are unsure of what fiber optics are or how they work. Let’s take a look at fiber optics and share everything there is to know about this fascinating technology.

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How FMS is Disrupting MSP - Infographic

With an expected global IT spend of over $3.8 trillion in 2015, organizational leaders are turning to Freelancer Management Systems (FMS) to allocate budgets, prioritize objectives and staff important projects. We look at how FMS is disrupting the traditional Managed Services Provider (MSP) model and why organizations are adopting this new technology.

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Freelancing is the Future - Infographic

The traditional 9-5 job model is quickly becoming a way of the past for professionals who feel more empowered to manage their careers on their own terms. As thousands of Americans enter the freelance workforce each year, we take a look at this growing segment for a better idea of the people leading this shift.

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Full-Time To Freelance - Infographic

The shift is happening from traditional full time employment to a freelancing lifestyle. 60 Million individuals will engage in contract work by the year 2020. Freelancing is growing across many industries every year and the overwhelming majority of freelancers see themselves as entrepreneurs and small business owners who are committed to your success. See why your best employee may not even work for you.

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The Tech That Powered the 2014 World Cup - Infographic

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil was huge. This is the tech that made it possible.

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WorkSmart Workflow™ - Infographic

Field Nation's WorkSmart Workflow™ drastically boosts velocity of job request and work approval.  Work Orders with WorkSmart Workflow are requested 65% more often and approved 62% more quickly than those without.

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The Tech That Powered The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics - Infographic

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia were spectacular. But they couldn't have been so amazing without an amazing amount of technology and know-how. See what kept the events running and the world viewing.

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The Most Valuable Tech Certifications for 2013 - Infographic

See the most in-demand technology certifications on the Field Nation platform for 2013 and plan for your future.

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Productivity with BYOD - Infographic

The “bring your own device” trend allows employees to bring in their own devices to work for a more collaborative and free-flowing atmosphere. This trend is on the rise and proving highly beneficial by improving the productivity, flexibility and initiative of employees.

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