Top 5 Ways to Use Auto-Request

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One of the most common things we hear from technicians is that work on Field Nation goes too quickly. In fact, nearly half of respondents to a recent survey we conducted said “too much competition” was their #1 barrier to growth.

Adding to that, in looking at data from across our marketplace, we found that 84% of work orders are published between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm – creating even more of a challenge for technicians who are on the job or on the road during the day.

To help technicians who want to gain a competitive edge or reduce the time they spend monitoring the platform and managing jobs, we built a feature called Auto-Request. Auto-Request allows the platform to automatically request work on your behalf that meets your pre-set Request Rules for things like pay, buyer, type of work, time of day, and travel distance.

The beauty of Auto-Request is that there are hundreds of thousands of ways to configure your Request Rules depending on your needs and goals. Here are just a few ways you can leverage the power of Auto-Request.

  1. Get work with new buyers
    Auto-Request allows you to choose which buyers you want to request work from. You can select only buyers you’ve worked with before, all buyers, or, you can choose specific buyers by name. If there’s a buyer publishing work in your area and you want to make sure you’re considered for the work, you can create a Request Rule specifically for that buyer.
  2. Get more work with existing buyers
    If you have work history with a buyer and you want to be considered for more of their jobs, you can create a Request Rule for a specific buyer as described above. You can then set your preferred working hours, pay rate, type of work, and travel distance. Many buyers have SLAs they’re trying to meet and want to assign work as quickly as possible. Auto-Request can help ensure you don’t miss out.
  3. Fill gaps in your schedule
    If you want to fill gaps in your schedule but don’t have time to dig through work orders to find the ones that fit your requirements, Auto-Request can help. Create Request Rules for the types of opportunities you want, and Auto-Request will match available work with openings in your schedule and only request the jobs you’re available for.
  4. Reduce the time spent managing work
    Countless technicians have told us they spend time during their evenings and weekends monitoring the platform for work and managing their schedules. Auto-Request can help reduce the time you spend on these kinds of admin activities by acting like an automated assistant – searching the platform and matching you with work that meets your criteria, and if your schedule is open, requesting the work on your behalf.
  5. Increase service company efficiency
    For service company admins, monitoring the platform for work and managing schedules for each technician can be a full-time job. With Auto-Request, admins can create Request Rules for each technician according to their type of work, pay rate, and availability – making your techs more productive and your service company more efficient.
  6. To learn more about how Auto-Request works and how it can help you meet your goals, read the Auto-Request FAQs.