Faces of Field Nation: Damarlin Wright

3 min read

Everyone at Field Nation knows Damarlin Wright, and that has a lot to do with his upbeat, outgoing personality. It also has a lot to do with his commitment to collaboration.

“I’m really big on ‘teamwork makes the dream work,’” he says, referring to his Field Nation philosophy. “If you hear somebody say that around here, they heard it from me.”

As a Senior Business Development Manager, Damarlin spends his days deepening relationships with prospective Field Nation users and educating them about the business advantages of on-demand labor.

“Every month, I probably talk to 50 new businesses. I get to learn in great detail how they do things, which puts me in a position of knowing a lot about the industry and how it works,” he says.

“I hear about their processes and the things that aren’t working, and I get to say, hey, have you thought about doing things another way? Helping these companies change their business for the better really excites me.”

Damarlin’s ability to synthesize information and help companies improve their operations is essential to Field Nation’s broader company culture. 

“The culture is very fast-paced, very vibrant, and very collaborative. It’s youthful in the sense that there are literally no closed-door policies. You can go to your boss or your boss’s boss.”

This openness is perhaps most apparent during periods of growth and change. For a short period in 2019, the entire Business Development Manager team reported directly to Mynul Khan, Field Nation’s Founder and CEO.

“For me, it was an enlightening and eye-opening experience. We learned so many new ways of doing things because we were reporting to the person who’s been doing this longer than anyone else. And there’s no better cheerleader for the team and the company than Mynul.”

This positive attitude extends throughout the organization. Damarlin noticed this during his very first interview with Field Nation. 

“When you talk to somebody, you can feel their energy. And when I had my first conversation with Field Nation recruiters, I could tell they were happy. I could just read it from their voices that all those things you want from a workplace––work/life balance, having fun at work––held true at Field Nation.”

From that solid foundation, Damarlin has grown his sales toolkit within the organization and racked up several significant wins.

“Each year, I become more and more comfortable with the product. As it evolves and grows, I’ve closed bigger deals, and that’s because we’re showing customers that we’re always working to improve the platform. It’s a team effort.”

When he’s not closing deals, Damarlin and his wife are busy raising their two children. The elder of the two, Xavier, is a camping enthusiast, so the family likes to spend a chunk of every summer exploring Minnesota’s state parks. This year, he and his wife will celebrate their 10th anniversary with a trip to Barbados.