Expand Your Service Network

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Chances are if you’re already doing one or two types of work, there’s no reason you shouldn’t expand to a third. If most of your work orders involve low-voltage cabling and ATM support, for example, Field Nation can help you start bidding on point-of-sale projects. Often, you can even use your existing Preferred Providers to help execute new types of work. In 2016, technicians who completed work on the Field Nation platform completed an average of 2-3 different types of work. That’s one advantage of Field Nation – the average contractor has more than 16 years experience.

For those who are looking at expanding to a new type of work, our project management tools can help you manage projects. We work directly with clients addressing any skills gaps up front so that we can address them immediately. We assist our customers in exploring new types of work where we’ve historically helped similar clients become successful. Field Nation boasts a completion rate of 98%, so you can be sure we’re setting you up for success.

For businesses who currently exclusively utilize W2 employees for certain types of work, we would encourage you to augment your workforce with contingent workers. There’s no reason to fly your W2 employees across the country when you can find a qualified, experienced contractor already located in that region. This strategy allows your business to leverage your W2 workforce where they’re needed most, and save big on travel and administrative expenses.