Hospitality and IoT: Why Hotels Need Field Services

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Hospitality and IoT: Why the Hospitality Industry Needs Field Services

More than ninety-seven percent of millennials own a smartphone, making mobile technology an important way for hotels to provide a better guest experience. Keep in mind, the first step in any mobile offering is a reliable computer networking system and strong Wi-Fi. With a mobile app, or mobile responsive website, hotels can offer many mobile services. A few to consider:

  • Offer mobile check-in. If airlines can do it, why not your hotel? You can go as far as providing kiosks for incoming guests to receive their keys – or offer keyless entry via smartphone apps.
  • Allow guests to order room service at the touch of a button. An app could also remember past food preferences and allergies to keep the guest from providing the same information many times
  • Turn guest phones into remote controls. At some major hotel chains, guests can use their smartphones to open their hotel room doors and access fitness rooms. Some hotels make it possible for guests to use their phones to control the room temperature and lighting and change the channels on their televisions. It is only a matter of time before hotels allow guests to customize these settings before they arrive, ensuring the room is set up just the way they want it the moment they step through the door.
  • Offer a digital concierge service. Hilton and Marriott recently released mobile concierge apps to provide new, convenient ways for hotels to take care of their guests and give them the information they need. Consider deploying your digital concierge, keeping in mind these do’s and don’ts.

Many of these steps not only personalize the services for guests but also make hotels more efficient and even save money. Offering mobile check-in reduces the burden on staff at the front desk, while keyless entry eliminates the cost of physical keys.

The trend of personalization in hospitality is not to be avoided – it’s to be embraced. Done right, technology-enabled personalization not only leaves your guest happy their needs are understood and met, but also helps hotels run more efficiently.

Use Contingent Workers to Implement Change

Hotels should embrace field services to have IoT devices backed by reliable computer networking and low-voltage cabling. Field Nation’s network of 82,000+ computer networking technicians and 60,000+ low-voltage cabling technicians across the US make it easy to find IT technicians for projects of any size.