Scalable Success

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Field Nation's service coverage
Field Nation’s service coverage

Most field services firms are quite familiar with the diverse challenges associated with scalability. How can field services organizations ensure they have broad geographic coverage and still maintain quality control and mitigate overhead expenses?

Your Problem

Your field services company has a few dozen onsite technicians across the east coast.  Your largest client recently expanded, and asks if you can do a few dozen work orders in Omaha, Nebraska.

What do you do?

Flying your technicians cross-country for several days can be costly. Turning down your best client certainly isn’t exactly an option either; Field Nation is all too familiar with dilemmas like this. Luckily, there’s a simple solution: freelance management systems.

The Field Nation platform has 140 skilled freelance technicians in Omaha alone. Your business can filter technicians by area of expertise, geographic location, skillsets, certifications, and much more.

But how can you ensure that freelance technicians are reliable?

The freelance technicians who use the Field Nation platform are reviewed based on overall performance and reliability. The Field Nation platform even offers drug tests and background checks, so you know each technician you contract meets your organization’s standards.

Whether your company has 1 technician or 1,000, Field Nation offers scalable solutions to increase your businesses’ geographic coverage. To see how Field Nation has provided scalable solutions for real clients, check out our collection of case studies.