Do You Need Full-Time Employees to Start a Business?

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Do you have a great idea for a new business, but staffing is slowing you down? Most new companies don’t have the appropriate funds for payroll expenses or the steady cash flow required for full-time hires. Thankfully, contingent workforce platforms have made it easy to find qualified contract workers, so you can wait to hire W2 employees until you are ready.

Whether you are opening a restaurant, an online store, building a service organization, or a construction company. No matter what industry your business is in, you can find creative ways to leverage contingent labor by asking yourself these questions.

Do you have full-time needs?
Do you consistently have 40-hours of work to dedicate towards a full-time employee? Often, especially at the beginning of a new business, needs fluctuate from week to week. If you have 15 hours of work one week and 35 hours of work the next, a contingent worker may better fit your needs.

Do you need coverage in new locations?
Are you looking to expand your business into a new type of work or even a new geography? Contingent workers offer more flexibility than traditional workers and can help you expand seamlessly, without the added employment costs. For example, if you are based in Illinois but get a potential client in California, it is more cost effective to find a contractor in California than to hire a full-time employee to travel there. To see if Field Nation has the coverage you need, view our Coverage Map Tool.

Do you have enough funds to hire someone full-time?
Do you have enough funding to maintain a steady payroll, on top of your other operating expenses? If you’re concerned about affording to pay a full-time worker for several months, contract labor is a great solution that allows you to only pay for work when you need it. Not sure whether it’s more cost-efficient to hire a W2 or use contract workers? Check out our Contingent Labor Savings Calculator.

How will you find contingent workers?
With contract work becoming increasingly common, there are a myriad of great marketplaces you can use to find contingent workers. If you need a graphic designer, you can use a website like Fiverr. Need help with search engine optimization? Head to Credo. Searching for field service technicians? Field Nation has you covered

Thousands of companies are taking advantage of contingent labor across the world, and leveraging a workforce out of a full-time staff to expand their business. By asking yourself these questions, you can leverage contingent labor in situations that will work best for your organization.