Your field-ready workforce. On-demand.

Field Nation connects businesses with a nationwide network of contract IT pros to get on-site work done.


Confidently flex your workforce with star performers.

Each year, companies and technicians connect on Field Nation to complete 1.4MM work orders with a 98% success rate across every U.S. ZIP code.


From cameras in front to servers in back, our techs have worked at major chains across the U.S., installing, troubleshooting, and repairing the equipment your customers depend on.

Service strong.

More than a platform, this is a partnership. Our team ensures the talent you choose delivers results you’re proud of. We’re only satisfied when you are.


Don’t take our word for it. Business ratings by your peers help you vet technicians’ experience, work history, and performance for the type of job you need done.


Quality work, on-demand and on your terms.

Our platform gives you the ability to directly connect the right people to the right jobs at the right time, empowering you to work only with those who inspire you most.

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Bridge service gaps by self-selecting pros who make you look good in the field, and build A-teams of known talent you can trust.

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Market your unique expertise and stand out with a custom profile that highlights your personal qualifications, work history, and more.


Create direct connections to top talent in a matter of minutes, easily building field-ready teams by location, project, skillset, and more.

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Leave the administrative work to us so you can stay focused on making connections, building relationships, and getting paid for your skills.


Flex your team up or down depending on demand. As work levels fluctuate, you can too, without the added overhead and administration.

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Work when and where you want, doing the work you want. Control your schedule by locking down project-based work quickly and easily.


Tip the scale in your favor from day 1.

Fill workforce gaps today by connecting to pros with experience at more than 425K sites nationwide. Then win more work tomorrow with additional resources at-the-ready. Only you define your limits.

More than 20 on-site service specialties to match your needs.

From pulling cable to device repair, access an on-demand workforce that covers the most sought-after skills and specialties.


Helping deliver unwavering quality at scale.

Learn how this managed IT, cloud, and security provider rapidly scaled without a blemish to the high quality and service they’re known for delivering.

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What’s new in the field.

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IT services provider scales business with Field Nation’s Client API.

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Genuine Technology Group grows by embracing on-demand labor.

Find a partner in Field Nation.