New Work Order Page

You asked, we listened. We've updated the Work Order Create page to a modern look that is easy to use. You'll still see all the same features, but some items have moved.
work order overview new work order page

Work Order Overview

  • Summary has a new look that is easier to follow
  • Save as Draft and Publish To Marketplace are easier to access under Summary.
  • Client and Project are now in the work order create page instead of a pop-up before creating the work order
  • Templates are easily accessible from the drop down menu
  • Work Order Title has replaced Title to accurately describe the title
  • Talent Types are easily accessible from the drop down menu

Contacts & Service Description

  • Custom Fields has moved lower down the page.
  • Contacts is updated to an easy to use drop down menu. Choose the Manager and add additional users to the work order.
  • Work order description and confidential information stayed the same.
  • The first box is public information, the second is confidential. Only assigned providers will see what’s in the confidential box.
  • Documents can be added below the Confidential information box.
add contacts and service description
add tasks and custom fields field nation screenshot

Tasks & Custom Fields

  • Tasks have a new look and are easier to add.
  • User can drag and drop Tasks to order in a way that makes sense.
  • Custom Fields are now below Tasks.
  • Buyer Custom Fields appear first, with company set fields.
  • Provider Custom Fields follow with company set fields.


  • You can now select buttons to easily choose an address.
  • Select Specify exact address to input a new address. Select Save this location for future use to save for use again.
  • Select Use saved location to pull an address from a previously used location.
  • Select Remote (no address) for work that is completed remotely.
  • Each selection will populate the correlating information
new work order page location
field nation schedule screenshot


  • To set a schedule, use the drop down menu to choose between arriving at a specific time, between specific hours, or at any time.
  • After selecting from the drop down menu the date and time fields will populate to the corresponding option.
  • Select one of the Quick options to choose a time fast.

Pay & Shipments

  • Select from the drop down the type of Pay offering. Choose Hourly, Fixed, Per Device, Blended.
  • Once selected, pay amount options will adjust.
  • Choose a Funding Account from the drop down menu.
  • Easily add Potential Penalties or Bonuses.
  • If penalty or bonus is not available, click Configure bonuses or penalties to add new options for future use.
  • No changes were made to Shipments. Select Add Shipment to include shipments in the work order
updated work order page pay