“Can’t Find a Provider” Update

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Updates for Buyers

Remote work order address requirement

  • Buyers doing remote work orders will now have their address set at the company level before the work can be approved. Previously, addresses were not required because we have the address for where the work will occur. This change gives us the necessary information we need to be compliant for tax purposes.

Updates for Buyers and Technicians

“Can’t Find a Provider” delay

  • After a work order is posted, buyers cannot immediately report the problem type Can’t Find a Provider. This is because it takes 8-15 minutes on average for a work order to be requested, and we want to give adequate time for technicians to respond. Now, the Can’t Find a Provider option will appear after the work order has been posted for 15 minutes.

Background check and drug test standardization

  • Field Nation has standardized the background check and drug test process to Checkr.  We have removed all badges for providers who had Blue Ribbon and First Advantage on the platform.