Universal Time Codes

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Updates for Buyers

Add work order content via out-of-the-box integrations

  • Customers can now add work order details and confidential information to their work order descriptions via their out-of-the-box integrations.
  • The information sent via the integration will be appended to the content stored in the work order template. For example, if you sent content via the integration to a work order template that is saved with general information, the content sent via the integration will be added below the general information.

Universal time codes (V3 integrations) 

  • All V3 integrations (Autotask, Connectwise, Fieldpoint, Salesforce, Insightly, Fieldpoint, ServiceNow) now support universal time codes, which will allow buyers doing nationwide work to automatically have dates converted to the appropriate local time based on the work order location.

Updates for Field Nation ONE Buyers

Cancel work orders regardless of status

  • Previously, companies needed to contact support in order to cancel an assigned work order. Now, companies using Field Nation ONE can cancel any work orders regardless of the work order status, as long as that status is not “approved”.