Updates for March 15

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Updates for Clients


  • Clients can now access our integration documentation portal here. The portal provides access to professional documentation, real examples, all the REST and Webhook API endpoints required for the customer to integrate, and fully searchable content.
  • New ServiceNow integration available, talk to your account manager to enable this.

Updates for Technicians

Mobile app

  • Tax information is now available on the mobile app under Additional Options.
  • Closing notes on Android are now available in full screen mode making it easier to write detailed notes.
  • Technicians will now see payment information for children work orders for multi-location work orders. Technicians can add expenses to individual work orders within the collection of sites.

Updates for Field Nation ONE


new filters for Field Nation ONE

Users can now see routed work on their schedule before it is accepted. The Schedule feature also added additional filters for showing talent. Clients can now filter by background check, drug screen, and Talent Pools.