Quick Approval Drawer

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To review and approve work orders (WOs) today, you have two options. There’s the “mass approval” option in the “Done” tab for large projects or a set of WOs you want to approve all at once. Or, you can click into each individual WO and approve them one by one. 

The challenge with these methods is that neither is ideal for reviewing and approving the vast majority of WOs that are completed on time and within budget – which is why we created a new, optional feature for Plus and Premier customers called the Quick Approval Drawer.

The Quick Approval Drawer allows you to view key information like technician check-in/check-out time, itemized costs, and deliverables before approving the WO or marking it incomplete and moving on to the next WO in the queue with just one click. 

Best of all, you can configure the Quick Approval Drawer to display the information that matters most to you. It’s a faster, easier way to move WOs from the “Done” tab to the “Approved” tab with fewer clicks. 

To open the Quick Approval Drawer, log in to Flightboard and click on the Done tab. Click the icon next to the title of any work order and the Quick Approval Drawer will slide open on the right side of your screen. (Note: you must be a Plus or Premier customer to access this feature.)

Want step-by-step instructions on how to use the optional Quick Approval Drawer feature? Check out the Help Center article.