New Work Order Create Fields

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Updates for Buyers

New Field, Approximate Time To Complete, has been added to the pay section of a work order

  • The Approximate Time To Complete field will provide more robust reporting for the pricing insights service and it will add valuable cost analysis metrics for buyers in the Work Order Activity Reports. 
  • This field is available for all payment types on the work order create form, however, it will only be displayed in the payment card for fixed pay work orders. 
  • Providers will not see this field.

Fields added to the Work Order Activity Reports page

  • Approximate Hours to Complete: This value is the number the buyer enters for their estimate of the hours on site. 
  • Paid Hours: The actual hours the provider was paid. If a provider works for less than one hour, the report will display one paid hour. If they work more than the max hours, this field will display the max hour value.

“On My Way” status updates

  • If a provider does not check-in within two hours of marking “on my way” in a work order, the status will be reverted. 
  • Subsequently, the work order status will be “at risk”, and the staff user can cancel or unassign the work order.