2 New Auto-Request Features

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Thanks to feedback from technicians like you, we’ve made two significant enhancements to the Auto-Request feature available only to Field Nation Pro members. Here’s the scoop.

Enhancement #1: Calendar Sync

Now, you can import other calendars into your Field Nation calendar to ensure Auto-Request doesn’t request work when you have a commitment outside Field Nation. Don’t worry, your other calendar won’t be visible to buyers; it will just show “Busy”. Currently, you can import Apple iCloud, Google, Outlook 365, and Yahoo calendars. 

Enhancement #2: Auto-Request Notifications

Technicians told us they’d like to be notified when work is auto-requested on their behalf, and now it’s possible! You’ll receive a push notification each time a work order that matches your request rule criteria has been auto-requested, and you’ll have the option to withdraw right from the notification as shown in the example below. Auto-Request notifications are turned on by default, but you can turn them off for all request rules, or at the individual rule level. 

To learn more, check out the Field Nation Pro webpage or read the Auto-Request FAQs

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