Did You Know: Executive Dashboard: New Interactive Visual Analytics

6.7.2016, Written by Meredith Atkinson

The Field Nation Executive Dashboard is a comprehensive report that indicates the health of an organization and provides visibility into how that organization is utilizing the Field Nation platform. This feature is only available to Admin users on Field Nation.


The Field Nation Executive Dashboard is made up of “smart tiles” that provide immediate, at-a-glance insight into several key areas of work. In order to gain further insight in any specific area, you are able to click on the tile and the raw data will be available. The Field Nation Executive Dashboard turns raw data into easily understandable analytics that help maximize success and enable quick and intuitive decision making regarding the health of the organization.

Field NationExecutive Dashboard


How to read the data in Executive Dashboard


  1. Company Satisfaction 

Company Satisfaction provides a benchmark for an organization’s ratings compared to other companies in the Field Nation Marketplace. Approval ratings measure how often the company approves work orders within the amount of time they say they will. Company Ratings measure how providers feel about the company and their work. Note: Providers in the marketplace do not view these letter grades, this is an internal dashboard. By gauging your organization’s overall performance, you are able to boost fulfillment rates and gain insight into your overall client satisfaction.

Company Satisfaction

  1. Average Time to Request 

This tile shows how long it took the assigned provider to request the work order. With this feature, you are able to identify trends in the types of work or pay rates that take the longest to receive a request. You are able to analyze which factors pay be preventing providers from requesting the work orders faster.


  1. Average Time to Assignment 

This feature measures the time it takes for a work order to be assigned to a provider after it has received its first request. You are able to gain visibility into your team’s ability to assign work orders and select the right provider. This will also help with SLA’s to identify potential delays.

average time to assist

  1. Percentage of Work Orders with Reported Problems 

Ensuring you have optimal satisfaction for end clients is an essential part of your business. With this tile, you are able to compare the ratio of work orders listed in “problem” status to the total number of work orders published on Field Nation. With the drill-down capability, you are able to compare the specific types of issues with the geographical area in which they occurred. This will help you to provide the best experience for your end clients.


  1. Missed Reuse Opportunities 

With this tile, you can drill-down into the information based on dispatcher and see which provider was selected for a job versus any other provider who was available and has completed work for your company before. You can easily see which team members are utilizing providers familiar with your company’s procedures.

Missed Resuse Opportunities

  1. Misses Preferred Group Reuse Opportunities 

There is a benefit to using preferred providers whenever possible. It gives you the ability to ensure a consistent experience for both you and the providers. This tile shows you the amount of work orders that were not assigned to one of your preferred providers.


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