How-To: Publishing vs. Routing

3.24.2016, Written by Ross French

Save time by routing and publishing work while assigning work orders

Whether you are a senior stakeholder or a daily dispatch manager, quick service that gets it right the first time is the key to your customer’s success. In  this How-To product Note, we will review how to accelerate service delivery.

On the Field Nation platform, work orders can be published to the marketplace of matched local freelancers or routed to a pre-selected group of technicians you’ve already reviewed at the same time.

When you route work orders to a preferred network or an individual, the first technician to accept is assigned; automatically. This can be extremely speedy. But what if that technician is not available for the assignment? In such cases, many organizations publish the work order to the marketplace after waiting for the routed work order to get selected. By combining both routing and publishing at the same time, you can give your preferred providers the right of first refusal on your work while also gauging the interest of the marketplace at large. Marketplace responses give you a set of matched technicians that are ready to go in the event that the routed provider doesn’t accept as soon as you’d like.

By publishing, you also generate vital business intelligence about your work order in that location. Got a lot of responses? Start building up your preferred network in that area? Few responses, maybe your pricing is out of line with the rest of the geography.
By combining routing and publishing, you get the best of both worlds – high reliability and extremely fast responses. All this means that you are able to accelerate service delivery for your customers and get more work done.
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