How-To: Analyze Your Work Order Data Using Advanced Filters

5.4.2016, Written by Ross French

One of the greatest benefits of a freelance management system is the information businesses can use to monitor the progress of projects and/or individual work orders. However, viewing all the data together, often does not yield to any useful conclusions. Filtering information based on objectives helps in managing work more effectively and efficiently. With ‘Advanced Filters’, Elevate helps to sift through all work order data.

The Advanced Filter option/ link can be found next to the search bar in the Manage Work section in Elevate. Work Orders can be filtered based on Work Order details, Date, Location and status or progress.


advanced filter pic1

Users most often use filtering options to view work orders based on work order details. All work orders on the Field Nation platform can be filtered as per the following criteria as shown below:

  • Client
  • Project
  • Manager
  • Type of Work i.e. Audio-Visual, Networking, ATM, etc
  • Work Orders that have received requests from providers
  • Work Orders that have received counter offers from providers
  • Auto Dispatched Work Orders
  • Network i.e. Field Nation Or private networks
  • Your Company Custom fields and
  • Work Order Type i.e. Work Order managed by your own workforce or through marketplace freelancers

advanced filter 1-1


Work Orders can also be filtered based on Date i.e date of work order creation, published, routed, assigned, etc or on a custom selection that relates to the service or assignment scheduled date.

advanced filter 2


Since most projects conducted on Field Nation include multi-site locations, filtering work orders on location can prove very useful to gauge detailed project progress. Users can filter work orders on their saved locations, an exact location defined as country, city, zip or select locations based on number of miles from current location.

advanced filter 3


The Progress filter helps users to view work orders based on their lifecycle in the project. So if users need to view work orders under review, work orders that have been approved but pending payment, confirmed and unconfirmed work orders, filtering on labels helps in doing that. Time awaiting approval shows work orders completed by providers and are now awaiting approval from the buyer end.

advanced filter 4


advanced filter 4-1


We hope you find these product updates useful. If you have any questions or would like to share feedback, please email us at