How-To: Use FIeld Nation’s Marketplace Intelligence Features for Strategic Pricing Insights, Trends & More!

4.22.2016, Written by Ross French

One of the secrets to a profitable business is strategic pricing – price your assignments low and you may not get adequate number of people bidding for it; price it high and you may lose money!

Field Nation provides you with pricing insights that can help you make informed decisions. Based on the 2 million plus work orders done on the platform, Field Nation provides for each work order, the typical price for a particular type of work in the local area.

The green up arrow indicates that price set by you is higher than the marketplace average and orange down arrow indicates that your price is lower than marketplace average. You can change the price for each work order from the work order list page itself. Any changes made to the pricing, impacts the freelance technician coverage in real-time.This type of information can go a long way in managing your budget and gauging viability of future projects.

pricing insights_DUK

Field Nation also provides you with pricing information by each provider for all the types of work done by him on the platform. This knowledge can prove valuable during pricing negotiations.

pricing insights_DUK_1


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