How-To: Withdrawing from Work Orders Within 24 Hours

5.25.2016, Written by Meredith Atkinson

Providers can no longer withdraw from a work order within 24 hours of service!

Field Nation strives to create the most cohesive relationship between buyers and providers possible. One of the newest changes Field Nation has made to facilitate these relationships is removing the ability for providers to withdraw from work orders within 24 hours of when the service is scheduled to begin.

How does it work?  

  • When a provider attempts to withdraw from a work order within 24 hours they receive a “Report a Problem” pop up
  • The provider will be prompted to give you details as to the reason for the cancellation
  • This gives you the ability to communicate with the provider and the opportunity to come to a resolution

What does this mean for you? 

  • No surprise, last minute cancellations
  • Increased communication with the providers you work with
  • Trust and relationships between buyers and providers
  • Ensured quality and completion of work by Field Nation providers

We hope you find these product updates useful. If you have any questions or would like to share feedback, please email us at