Fee Changes for Technicians

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Updates for Buyers

Mass Imports

  • New fields are now available for mass import to track integration type and ID. This change supports greater automation for customers with integrations.


  • Developed an AutoTask integration tool that provides seamless two-way data synchronization between Autotask and Field Nation.

Reassign Work Orders

  • Buyers now have the ability to un-assign providers from multi-site work orders that have passed their “finish by” date. This allows buyers to assign a new or different technician to un-assigned work orders.

Updates for Field Nation ONE Buyers

Talent Page

  • The talent page now allows you to view service companies individually within the providers tab.

Updates for Technicians

Faster Payment Available

  • We have partnered with Bank of America to decrease time to payment. Technicians using ACH or direct deposit will be paid in less than 24 hours depending on their bank.

Insurance Fee Change

  • Effective July 19th, 2019 at 11:59pm, the general liability insurance fee will change from a 1.3% fee to 1.5%. For technicians who want to remove this fee, you may upload your Certificate of Insurance. Field Nation has partnered with Hanover to provide options. You can find more information here.

Processing Fee Update

  • Effective July 19th, 2019 at 11:59pm, all work orders, including those over $1,000, will be subject to the standard processing fee of 10%.