Easy mass imports

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Updates for Clients


  • Autotask mapping is now bidirectional. Clients can now easily integrate their Autotask system with Field Nation by mapping fields to their settings.

Mass Imports

  • When a mass import has failed rows clients can now download these rows to fix them. The downloaded document explains why the rows failed and how to fix it to successfully re-upload.

Unassign at-risk work orders

  • Unassigning provider on an at-risk work order who has uploaded a deliverable is now live.

Custom fields

  • Clients can now deactivate and activate custom fields by clicking the box.

Provider recommendations

  • New recommendation reason which is short travel distance (add to technician notes too)

Updates for Technicians

New recommendation point

  • Technicians will now also be recommended based on location. If you are closer to a job site you will show up higher on the list