New Q3 Features for Speed and Efficiency

3 min read

In this update, you’ll find a multitude of enhancements that focus on increasing your productivity and giving you quicker visibility and access to the information that matters most – whether you’re finding and vetting talent, or reviewing and approving work orders. Read on to find an in-depth review of what’s new:

What’s new in Talent

Advanced Profile Data *Premier feature

Self-reported provider information often doesn’t provide enough detail. A provider might say he or she has experience in low-voltage cabling or point-of-sale, but that’s not enough for you to vet that person and assign them to your job with confidence. The new Advanced Profile Data now provides insight on a provider’s experience, rating, pay, and marketplace reviews all within one, easy-to-access page. This enhancement allows you to reduce calls and vetting time by focusing on providers with relevant, field-verified experience.  

Profile Review Drawer *Premier feature

When vetting providers within the work order provider tab, you are given high-level information about that provider but lack key details about their experience, skill sets, and ratings. In order to see that information in greater detail, you need to navigate away from the work order and into their profile page directly, which adds clicks and time to your vetting process. To eliminate those extra steps, we’ve created the Profile Review Drawer which provides quicker access to relevant data including ratings and endorsements, numbers of work orders completed, distance from site, and pay – all within a side drawer that appears within the provider tab. This information can be accessed with one easy click and allows you to remain within the work order details page for a quicker time to assign.

What’s new in Workflow

Deliverables now in the Quick Approval Drawer *Plus and Premier feature

Buyers have told us they spend up to 50% of their time reviewing work orders for approval — a time consuming process that isn’t sustainable when trying to scale and streamline your work management process. To accelerate the approval process, we’ve created the new Quick Approval Drawer which allows you to approve work orders in one easy click by configuring the drawer to display the relevant information needed to make an approval decision. In addition, you can now also view, approve/deny, and download work order deliverables – all from within one convenient side drawer.

History Optimization 

Looking for a clear log of actions and updates made to your work orders? With the new improvements in the history tab, you can now easily see a clear log of historical actions and updates made to each work order, including what action occurred, when it happened, and by whom. 

Flightboard 2.0 

Loading work orders within the flightboard can take awhile, especially when you’re running multiple projects or have a large amount of work orders within your account. With the new and improved Flightboard 2.0, you’ll experience lightning speed page load times, providing you quicker access to your work and projects. This new enhancement also allows you to save and sort multiple filters that can be applied across all work order statuses, an easier ability to search and sort work orders, and a larger display size and work order list view. Use the toggle in the top right-hand corner of the flightboard page to try out this new experience!

What’s new in Intelligence

MarketSmart™ Insights *Premier feature

Gain a competitive advantage with on-demand access to coverage assessments and pricing insights by location and work type. You’ll be able to enhance your RFP process with 24/7/365 real-time data, bid competitively by comparing your performance to the market, scale your business by identifying strategic growth opportunities, and increase efficiency by aligning pricing for higher fill rates and less time spent negotiating. 

“I just bid on a project that included 48 sites. Using individual work orders to identify pricing would’ve taken me more than 4 hours, but MarketSmart Insights reduced that time to less than 1 minute.” – Larry Bolyard, Patriot Staffing

What’s new in Risk Management

Compliance Risk Alerts *Premier feature

With the new Compliance Risk Alerts feature, you now have the ability to set specific limits regarding the hours and use for the providers you work with, ensuring that you are adhering to your company policies and following contractor relationship parameters.

EIN Discoverability *Premier feature

This new enhancement allows you to confirm that providers you are working with have a verified EIN and helps reduce potential risk with classification issues.